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AUMT Diagnostic Medical Supplies, Inc.

Finding the right medical distributors in U.S can be a difficult process. Knowing the right questions to ask and performing extensive due diligence are crucial to finding the most qualified and trustworthy U.S distributors.

With our deep industry knowledge and strong on-the-ground presence through our 10 medical laboratories and over 100 of hospitals and clinics networks in California, AUMT Medical supplies can successfully bring diagnostic medical devices to U.S diagnostic medical device market.

Key Functions of AUMT Medical Supplies


1 Determine the most appropriate distribution strategy for the client based on a thorough study of the client’s products and needs and a comprehensive analysis of the market situation and opportunities in each targeted market in U.S

2. Contact and correspond with potential buyers, and provide them with the necessary information and materials from the client as needed

3. Conduct rigorous evaluations of potential buyers to assess whether they will be able to meet the client’s needs

4. Set up meetings for the client to visit potential buyers

5. Help the client negotiate a sales agreements.

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